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Weekly Talking Points - April 30, 2024

Source: Florida Democratic Party


Women in Florida will be living under one of the most extreme abortion bans in the country. The 6-week ban was signed into law by Ron DeSantis on May 1st.


Donald Trump, Rick Scott, and Florida Republicans are to blame for Florida’s extreme abortion ban.

• Florida’s extreme 6-week ban has virtually no exceptions and will put women’s lives at risk.

• This ban goes into effect alongside Florida’s mandatory 24-hour waiting period signed into law by Rick Scott and a requirement to have two in-person doctors appointments before accessing abortion care.

• Women will die because of this ban. On May 1st, women in Florida and across the South will have nowhere to go to get the emergency care they need.

• In November, Florida voters can reverse this extreme ban and restore reproductive freedom in our state by voting yes on Amendment 4 and re-electing President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.



Florida Democrats filed and qualified to contest all 28 Congressional Districts in 2024. It’s the first time Florida Democrats have filled a full slate of congressional candidates since 2018.


For the first time since 2018, Florida Democrats filed to compete for every congressional seat, no Republican is running unopposed.

• There is a Democrat qualified to run in every congressional seat in Florida, with a candidate qualified to run in all 28 congressional districts.

• Every part of this state is worth fighting for and we are not going to let Florida Republicans walk into office without being held accountable.

• Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick was declared the automatic winner of her reelection because the Florida GOP failed to qualify before the deadline.



The next qualifying deadline is June 14 for county offices, special districts, and state legislative races. For more information, candidates considering running for office in any of the uncontested districts are encouraged to visit to apply for resources and support.



Vice President Kamala Harris returned to Florida to deliver remarks in Jacksonville to discuss reproductive freedom on the day Florida’s abortion ban took effect.


Florida Democrats are leading the fight to protect reproductive rights and democracy in 2024 — not just for the Sunshine State, but for the entire country.

• Recent visits from both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris demonstrates the Biden-Harris campaign’s commitment to fighting for Florida, recently declaring the state ‘winnable’, with a focus on defending reproductive rights in November.

• This was the Vice President’s 12th trip to Florida since taking office. She last visited the state in March, when she discussed gun violence prevention in Parkland. In January 2023, she visited Tallahassee to mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision and discussed reproductive freedom.

• Her visit follows an appearance by President Joe Biden in Tampa, Florida, which also focused on reproductive freedom.



Rick Scott is fully behind Florida’s abortion ban but he’s refusing to answer for his support of the extreme ban, which obliterates reproductive health care access before most women know they’re pregnant, with virtually no exceptions. That’s because Scott knows his endorsement of Florida’s ban, support for a national abortion ban, and attacks on safe and effective medication abortion are deeply unpopular, and could cost him his seat in the Senate.


Rick Scott is fully behind Florida’s abortion ban but he’s running from his extreme anti-abortion record because he knows it could cost him his Senate seat.

• Florida is ground zero in the fight for control of the Senate and the fight for reproductive freedom.

• The fight against Florida’s dangerous abortion ban is shining a light on Scott’s extreme anti-abortion record.

• Recently, Democratic leaders in Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Orlando have spoken out against Scott’s support of Florida’s abortion ban.

• Rick Scott is going to run from his support for the ban, but take his own word for it — he would’ve signed the bill into law himself if he was governor.

• Scott can’t help it – he’s doubled down on his support of the near-total ban, saying “If I was the sitting governor, and the six-week abortion ban came in front of me, I would sign it. I've always said I would sign it."

• Rick Scott is hiding because his extreme anti-abortion agenda is at odds with Floridians, nearly 70 percent of which support reproductive freedom.

• This November, Floridians will reject this extreme abortion ban and send Rick Scott into retirement.



Senator Shevrin Jones was elected as Chair of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party alongside Millie Herrera as First Vice Chair and Marco Reyes as Secretary.


It’s a new day for Miami-Dade Democrats with a new Chair and a new campaign office – the party is more organized and energized than ever before.

• Miami-Dade Democrats have a new Chair and a new office, officially opening the first Take Back Coordinated campaign office in Miami Gardens over the weekend.

• The stakes could not be higher — no other county gets more national attention than Miami-Dade. The path to victory, whether it’s to the White House, U.S. Senate, City Hall or School Board – all of it runs through Florida.

• This moment calls for a reset for the Miami-Dade County party, to ensure that we re-elect Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava and send President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris back to the White House to finish the job.



According to reports, Progressive insurance will not renew at least 100,000 policies for homeowners in Florida in high-risk areas. Homeowners will be notified by letter from the company.

• Property insurance companies are continuing to abandon Florida, cutting another 100,000 policies ahead of hurricane season.

• Republican leadership has failed to deliver effective insurance reforms, proposing band aid solutions to a growing crisis.

• Under Ron DeSantis’s leadership, property insurance premiums have quadrupled for homeowners who still have coverage and left hundreds of thousands uninsured.

• Florida is one major hurricane away from bankrupting the state. Taxpayers will be on the hook to bail out Republicans for their failed leadership.



Haiti's Prime Minister resigned last week. Following months of gang violence, a new transitional council was sworn in to lead the country. Florida Democrats continue to advocate for solutions to stabilize the country, and support a democratic transition in Haiti.

• Florida has the largest population of Haitians in the country and it is our responsibility to extend our support and advocate for policy solutions that protect the Haitian community at this time of crisis.

• Ron DeSantis has repeatedly politicized the crisis in Haiti —using taxpayer dollars to search for migrants escaping by sea.

• Florida Democrats are continuing to monitor the crisis in Haiti and join Congressional Democrats in advocating for solutions to stabilize the country, and support a democratic transition in Haiti.

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